(Auszug aus "XSL-FO ― Die Referenz" von Manuel Montero Pineda & Steffen Herkert, 2016, dpunkt.verlag)

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Category Spacing and Alignment >> Adding Space

The axf:text-autospace-width specifies the width for axf:text-autospace.

Value:<length> | <percentage> | auto
Applies to:all block-level and inline-level formatting objects
Percentages:refer to the font size

The initial value of this space can be set by text-autospace-width in the Option Setting File.

Values have the following meanings.

<length>Specifies the amount of the space with an absolute value.
<percentage>It's a relative setting to the font size when actually applied.
auto Dependent on the system setting. This is the value specified by text-autospace-width in the Option Setting File.

This space is used in axf:text-autospace.

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