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Category Borders >> Rounding Border

Specifies the radii of the rounded corners. [CSS3-Background] Curve Radii: the ‘border-radius’ properties

Value: [<length>|<percentage>] [<length>|<percentage>]?
Applies to:all elements which can have borders
Percentages:border box V6.3MR3

The first value is the horizontal radius (or vertical if the 'writing-mode' is vertical). If the second length is omitted it is equal to the first. If either length is less or equal 0, the corner is square, not rounded. For rounded table borders, when border-collapse="collapse" is specified, border-radius is effective only when specified to fo:table.

XSL-FO sample:

<fo:root xml:lang="en" xmlns:fo="" xmlns:cpfo="" xmlns:svg="" xmlns:axf="">

Antenna House, Inc.

Form field

PDF form field can be created by using axf:form and axf:form-field. Available types of fields are: text, push button, check box, radio button, list box, combo box, etc.

Text field(field-type="text")

The default text entered in the text field can be specified by axf:field-default-text. Whether the text filed is a single line or multiple lines can be specified by axf:field-multiline. The text format, maximum number of characters available can also be specified.

Text Field:

Text Field (field-multiline="true"):

Push buton field(field-type="button")

In the push button field, a caption can be specified by axf:field-button-face and an icon can be specified by axf:field-button-icon and the layout display can be specified by axf:field-button-layout. A caption displayed when pushing a button (down) and during rollover (rollover) can be specified separately. The same is applied to an icon. As an action type when pushing a button, Reset, Submit and URL are available by specifying action-type. Also, this is just a sample, Submit does not work in this sample.

Push Button (URI ""):

Push Button (Submit):

Push Button (Reset):

Checkbox field, radio button field (field-type="checkbox", "radio")

Whether the checkmark is displayed or not by default can be specified by field-checked. The check mark style can be specified by field-checked-style.

Check Box (field-checked-style="checkmark"):

Check Me!

Radio Button (field-checked-style="circle"):



Listbox filed, combobox field (field-type="listbox", "combobox")

The content to display can be specified by axf:form-field-option. The content should not be empty. The contents in the list box and combo box will be lined in apperance order as specified by axf:form-field-option.

List Box:





Combo Box:





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