(Auszug aus "XSL-FO ― Die Referenz" von Manuel Montero Pineda & Steffen Herkert, 2016, dpunkt.verlag)

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Category Overflow Extensions

An alternative character string for the specified overflow text.

Initial:depends on system
Applies to:all block-level formatting objects

When overflow="replace" is specified, the overflow text is replaced by repeating the specified string. The font shown by an alternative character string is decided to one font by the value of the script property or the typical script of its own. A complex character string cannot be specified.

XSL-FO sample:

<fo:root font-family="Arial Unicode MS" font-size="12pt" xmlns:fo="" xmlns:cpfo="" xmlns:svg="" xmlns:axf="">



property is used determine the behavior of Formatter when the contents of an area format to a size greater than the area's defined boundaries. Antenna House has extended the value of this property to the following values.

overflow="replace" allows for replacement of overflowing contents, similar to how spreadsheets replace number too large to display in cells with "*****". The string to replace the overflow with is defined as the value of the extension element axf:overflow-replace.

overflow="condense" allows the text to be condensed according to the value of the axf:overflow-condense extension property.

These extended values only apply to block-container and inline-container elements.

overflow="none" (default)

rubber baby buggy bumpers

overflow="replace" axf:overflow-replace="#"

rubber baby buggy bumpers

overflow="condense" axf:overflow-condense="font-size"

rubber baby buggy bumpers

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