(Auszug aus "XSL-FO ― Die Referenz" von Manuel Montero Pineda & Steffen Herkert, 2016, dpunkt.verlag)

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Category Bookmark and Link in PDF Output >> Making Link

Sets the internal link in the PDF bookmark. [no-LT]

Value:empty string | <idref> | <number-with-fragment>
Initial:empty string
Applies to:block-level formatting objects

Values have the following meanings.

<idref> Specifies the ID of the link destination.
<number-with-fragment> Specifies the page number of the link destination. This string is simple numeric characters or the following string that combines numeric characters and a fragment with #.
The page number also can be specified in the fragment.
When the page number is not specified, it is usually regarded as the 1st page. However, when the top position is specified, it is regarded as the head of the page of a block where axf:outline-internal-destination is contained. For example, it is specified as follows.

This property is not available with AH Formatter V6.3 Lite.

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