(Auszug aus "XSL-FO ― Die Referenz" von Manuel Montero Pineda & Steffen Herkert, 2016, dpunkt.verlag)

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Category Spacing and Alignment >> Text Alignment

Specifies the percentage of Kashida in Arabic justification.

Value:<percentage> | auto
Applies to:all block-level and inline-level formatting objects

Values have the following meanings.

<percentage>Indicates the percentage of white space and Kashida. If the value is 0%, Kashida is not inserted and only the white space expands as well as the normal justification. If the value is 100%, Kashida is inserted as much as possible. The value should be from 0% to 100%.
auto Dependent on the system setting.

The initial value of the percentage can be set by text-kashida-space in the Option Setting File.

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