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Category Line Continued Mark

The axf:line-continued-mark specifies whether to show line continued marks. [no-LT]

Value: <string>
Initial: empty string
Applies to: all block-level formatting objects which are descendants of fo:flow
Inherited: yes
Percentages: N/A

Values have the following meanings.

<string> Line continued marks with the specified character strings are shown. If the character strings are empty, line continued marks are not shown.
CAUTION: Complicated character strings which consist of multiple scripts or complicated scripts, such as Arabic, Thai, etc., are not supported.

This property is not available with AH Formatter V6.3 Lite.

XSL-FO sample:

<fo:root xml:lang="en" xmlns:fo="" xmlns:cpfo="" xmlns:svg="" xmlns:axf="">

Antenna House, Inc.

Line continued mark

A line continued mark can be added by using axf:line-continued-mark. A line continued mark can be added with fo:block as a unit. "-" (hyphenation) is specified in this case. Also, you may specify a line continued mark's color by axf:line-continued-mark-color, axf:line-continued-mark-font-family, etc., and the background color of a new paragraph by axf:line-continued-mark-background-color.

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