XSLT and XPath function reference

(Excerpt from “XSLT 2.0 & XPath 2.0” by Frank Bongers, chapter 5, translated from German)

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Category: Functions for sequences

fn:data() XPath 2.0converting the input sequence into atomic values
fn:deep-equal() XPath 2.0determining the equality of two sequences
fn:distinct-values()XPath 2.0 removing identical values from a sequence
fn:empty() XPath 2.0returns true for an empty sequence
fn:exactly-one() XPath 2.0returns the input sequence of exactly one item, otherwise an error occurs 
fn:exists()XPath 2.0 returns true for a non-empty sequence
fn:index-of()XPath 2.0 returns the index(es) of the item(s) with the comparative value passed on
fn:insert-before() XPath 2.0inserts item(s) into the sequence to the position passed on
fn:one-or-more() XPath 2.0returns the input sequence of one or more items, otherwise an error occurs
fn:remove()XPath 2.0 removes the item from the sequence at the indicated position
fn:subsequence() XPath 2.0generates a subsequence by means of index numbers passed on
fn:unordered() XPath 2.0allows any output order of a sequence
fn:zero-or-one()XPath 2.0 returns the input sequence of zero or one item, otherwise an error occurs


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