As competent consultants we are at your service in all projects involving XML. No matter whether it's publishing, XML as data structure or business language, whether it' s a problem in the field of databases or typical applications for industrial sectors: We find the optimal answers to your questions.

We analyse the excisting processes and based on this, we develop suggestions for the appropriate technology: Which methods shall apply and which software shall be used? Which programming languages and which sets of rules are appropriate for the respective project? Together with our clients we work out optimal strategies for data structuring and reveal the consequences for the workflow. If required, we compile a task specification and carry out feasibility studies.

Here are some examples:

XSL-FO formatter

Which formatter is the most appropriate for your project and how shall it be integrated? These decisions considerably affect the future course of the project. We support you in choosing the product which is most suitable for you – and we are completely neutral because we don' t sell formatters by ourselves.

XML editors

There are various XML editors which are designed for development or text entry. We help you deciding which editor is the best for you.

XSL-FO layout

Frequently asked questions are for example: Can I really implement my layout with XSL-FO? Are there limitations? Can I maintain it by myself? How does my workflow look like? We are pleased to answer all these questions.