XML is our core technology. On this basis we offer our customers a broad range of solutions.
On this page we present you the most important topics:

Automated publishing with XSL-FO

For the automated creation of PDFs from XML data we develop XSL-FO stylesheets which are optimally designed for the particular tasks. Our detailed know-how and our many years of experience with the standard and the common formatters as Antenna House or XEP from RenderX are the basis of our work. Our solutions start one step earlier: A common problem when working with XML is the collection of structured data. Often firms already have enormous amounts of contents in the form of Word documents. Therefore we develop converters which allow a highly automated migration of the Word documents into the XML format.

XSL-FO can be used in many fields of application, which vary from book and loose-leaf productions to individualised PDFs for lettershops (e.g. AFP). We have extensive experience in working with industrial clients, publishing companies, insurance groups and major banks. We are also specialised in technical documentation: with the help of XSL-FO we are able to automatically generate handbooks, data sheets or instruction manuals. Standards as DITA, Docbook or AECMA are the basis of our work. Manuel Montero Pineda is a sought-after expert in this field passing on his knowledge at events as, for example, conferences of the Tekom or in its technical magazine "tk". In this special field data2type counts among its clients big companies as Siemens.

Further information about the automated typesetting with XSL can be found on our XSL-FO pages as well as in our publication "XSL-FO in der Praxis" (in German). In addition, we provide various lectures and seminars on this topic.


Automated generation of Office documents

We develop stylesheets which make it possible that individualised business documents (offers, invoices, Excel tables etc.) can be generated automatedly in the form of Office documents. Clients in this field are, for example, Roche, the German stock exchange and publishing houses, such as Elsevier.


XML Schema languages (DTD/Schema development)

We are widely experienced in dealing with markup languages and their modelling. On this basis, we develop customised sets of rules for the data structuring particularly using the languages DTD, XML Schema, RELAX NG and Schematron. We find an individual solution for you, which enables the optimal acquisition and processing of data.


Convertion and processing

Data transformation: The next step after structuring is the transformation of data. We develop the adequate software for the convertion of your XML documents: e.g. from Word to Docbook, DITA or in your internal company document structure.

Author interface / user interaction: We optimise your authoring tools with adaptations for the XML editors Oxygen, XMetaL and XMLmind.