XSLT and XPath function reference

(Excerpt from “XSLT 2.0 & XPath 2.0” by Frank Bongers, chapter 5, translated from German)

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Category: Association and localisation of nodes and resources at runtime

fn:collection() XPath 2.0sequence of several document nodes from the input string
fn:default-collation() XPath 2.0URI of the default collation
fn:doc()XPath 2.0 embedding of exactly one external document (without base URI)
fn:doc-available() XPath 2.0testing for availability of an external document
document() XSLT 1.0embedding of one or more external documents (with base URI)
fn:id()XSLT 1.0 returns a sequence of nodes with an ID value passed on
fn:idref()XPath 2.0 sequence of nodes with an IDREF value passed on
fn:iri-to-uri() XPath 2.0converts IRI string into URI string
key() XSLT 1.0finding a node with defined key
fn:resolve-uri()XPath 2.0 resolves the relative URI indication with the base URI
unparsed-entity-public-id() XSLT 2.0public ID of an unparsed, external entity
unparsed-entity-uri() XSLT 1.0URI of an unparsed, external entity (DTD)
unparsed-text()XSLT 2.0 embedding an external, unparsed text
unparsed-text-available()XSLT 2.0 testing for availability of an external text object


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