XSLT processors and tools

In this section the processors are presented which are necessary for further processing of XML data. In addition, reference is made to two editors which can be helpful for the development of XSLT stylesheets.

For the development and the writing of XSLT scripts, the following tools are recommended:

oXygen Editor The oXygen editor is our favourite for the development of stylesheets. A free of charge trial version is available at http://www.oxygenxml.com
Cooktop Cooktop is a free of charge, easy to use XML/XSLT editor with an integrated browser preview. http://xmlcooktop.com/


Since a processing programme is required for the application of XSLT, three of the most common XSLT processors are briefly introduced below:

XSLT processor Description

A free of charge processor which is available in a Java version as well as in a Win32 version. The output is done via the command line. Download Saxon

Xalan The free of charge Xalan processor from Apache is available in a C++- version and in a Java version. Apache XML Project/
MSXML 4.0 The Microsoft processor is part of the Internet Explorer since version 5.5.



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