Transformations with XProc

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XProc is a language in XML and used in order to process XML data in pipelines.
With XProc complete workflows can be defined which are processed in individual steps.

It is possible to:

  • read in documents individually or bundled via ports,
  • pass on parameters to stylesheets,
  • which are used to transform the documents,
  • pass on the processed documents to the following steps
  • and to let them validate against a Schema file

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The embedded Calabash processor

In the background a processor for the XProc processing routines is called up.
antillesXML uses the Calabash processor by Norman Walsh.

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Tab: Single

Transformations with XProc

Here you can see how to perform processing routines by using XProc.

Calling up the XProc Transformations window
  1. Select the XProc entry in the XSL menu.
    → The XProc window appears.
  2. → The Single tab is selected by default with the first call.

XProc Transformation window

Selection of the input document

As input document you need a XProc file which contains the required processing routines.

  1. Press the  Button for selection the input document button.

    → The Open dialogue appears.

  2. Choose the path to the input document in your file system.
  3. Click Open.
Starting the transformation

Press the  Button for starting the transformation button.

→ The target document has been written to the location selected by you.

In addition, the result of the processing is shown in the Statistics window in the Results tab.
In case error messages occur during the processing, they are displayed in the Statistics window in the Log tab.