The MathML Handbook is now online!

Now, you can find "The MathML Handbook" by Pavi Sandhu (CHARLES RIVER MEDIA, INC., 2003) on the data2type homepage.

A powerful XML-based markup language for publishing mathematics on the Web, MathML makes it possible to develop Web-based applications for displaying, searching, indexing, archiving and evaluating mathematical content.

The book begins with an overview of MathML and its practical applications. It then moves on to a clear exposition of the basic concepts of MathML, including XML syntax, presentation markup, content markup and combined markup. Additional chapters deal with advanced topics, such as:

  • using CSS and XSLT stylesheets to control the display of MathML
  • tools for converting TeX equations to MathML
  • using JavaScript with MathML to create dynamic math websites featuring interactive equations.