Training courses

With the help of our customised training courses on all aspects of XML, you can gain the essential expert knowledge for the use of advanced XML-based technologies. The concrete contents of our training courses will be adapted individually according to your requirements and the previous knowledge of your team members.

All topics can also be booked as in-house trainings. Appointments are to be fixed upon consultation.

The following topics are offered as open or in-house seminars:

  • XML basics
  • XML workflows in publishing companies
  • XML Master Basic Tutorial
  • XSLT
  • XSLT 2 and XPath 2 (for developers)
  • XSLT 3 and XPath 3 (for developers)
  • XQuery
  • XProc
  • Conversion of SGML data to XML
  • XSL-FO
  • Word and XML
  • Excel and XML
  • SVG
  • SVG automation
  • ePub
  • CSS
  • Printlayouts with HTML and CSS
Publishing standards
  • DITA
  • DocBook
  • TEI
Quality assurance/ Validation
  • Quality assurance of XML data
  • XML last: the right way
  • XML Schema
  • Schematron
  • XProc
  • Conversion of SGML data to XML
  • oXygen Editor (application and adaptation)
  • Altova MapForce
  • Altova StyleVision & Authentic
  • Altova XMLSpy
XML and databases
  • Oracle and XML
  • XQuery
InDesign and XML
  • E-Books with Adobe InDesign
  • InDesign automation with JavaScript
  • Find & Replace more efficiently with GREP
  • XML publishing with InDesign
  • XML special: Crossmedia publishing with InDesign
Adobe FrameMaker and XML
  • Adobe FrameMaker structured: DITA
  • Adobe FrameMaker: XML application and data migration
  • Adobe FrameMaker: Application programming interface
Meta data
  • MARC
  • ONIX
Web technologies
  • Semantic technologies: Introduction
  • Semantic technologies: RDF(S)
  • XForms
  • Newsfeeds with RSS and Atom
  • CSS
  • Printlayouts with HTML and CSS
  • Java and XML
  • Regular expressions for advanced users
  • XBRL: Basic course
  • XBRL: Advanced course


Further interesting seminars around the topics project management, XML technologies and XML processing offers our partner, the parsQube GmbH.


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