XML Prague 2013

Also this year, developers, markup specialists and people interested in technology meet in the Czech capital in order to take part at the XML conference and to discuss etablished as well as new technologies. We are again participating and looking forward to new ideas and interesting discussions.

This year, the event takes place from 8 to 10 February. The conference venue is, as in previous years, the University of Economics in Prague. 

The topics this year are for example:

  • XML vocabularies: A deep dive into industry specific usage of XML.
  • Digital books and publishing: The role of XML in single-source publishing in the era of tablets, smart phones and eBook readers.
  • Semantic web: Beyond mere structures. Expressing semantics in data formats and communication protocols.
  • XML efficiency: High-speed processing, compact serialization and storage, processing of big data volumes.
  • XML's birthday: Do we need a new syntax, a new data model or both or is XML just fine after 15 years?

Moreover, the presentations will deal with approaches as MicroXML or XQuery development in the Cloud(9). Further programme points are for example "Multi-user interaction using client-side XSLT", "Bringing NoSQL Datastore into an XQuery Playground" as well as "Efficient XML processing with XSLT 3.0 and higher order functions" and much more.

Programme details and information on the speakers and presentations can be found on the pages of the XML Prague under www.xmlprague.cz.