A unique compilation of XML tools: data2type introduces antillesXML

antillesXML starts into the next level. The combination of XML tools is unique in this form and has been considerably upgraded and optimized over the last months. Together with the Stuttgart Media University (HdM), we have further developed antillesXML and offer the new version 2.0 as a free download here on our website.

Various functions on all aspects of checking, the transformation and the output of XML documents are available: for example XSL-FO transformations can be performed folder wise by different formatters. Another feature is the validation (also folder wise) of XML documents against DTD, XML Schema and Schematron. Furthermore, antillesXML provides the possibility to arrange XProc pipelines according to the specific needs of the user and to define Hotfolders for XML transformations.

In addition, antillesXML enables a wide range of special transformations, for example CSV2XML, or the conversion of Word documents to XML.

We also have a whole array of additional functions in the pipeline which shall be realized in further updates.