Together into the future of international Web standards and guidelines: data2type is an official W3C Member

The data2type GmbH is now an official Member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and has consequently become part of the expert group dealing with brainstorming, the qualified exchange and the promotion of international Web standards and guidelines. The members of the W3C take the leading role as innovators in the future of the Web and provide the strategic direction.

"W3C is where the future of the Web is made. Our Members work together to design and standardize Web technologies that build on its universality, giving the power to communicate, exchange information, and to write effective, dynamic applications — for anyone, anywhere, anytime, using any device," says Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web.

The Members exercise technical influence over existing and future standards by taking part in working groups, generating use cases as well as by having the possibility to make revisions. Their aim is to ensure that the W3C Recommendations can always be implemented royalty-free. The Members gain an early insight into market tendencies and can thus follow directly the development of emerging technologies, markets and priorities regarding the news services, meetings, workshops and discussion forums available to them.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was founded in 2004 by Tim Berners-Lee and is an international consortium where Member organizations, a committed team of currently 65 full-time employees and technical experts, and the public work together to develop international Web standards and guidelines designed to ensure long-term growth for the Web. At the moment, over 400 organisations from 28 countries are Members of the Consortium and it has additional World Offices in 14 regions worldwide.