Copying and pasting MathML

(Excerpt from "The MathML Handbook" by Pavi Sandhu)

Version 7 and later versions of Maple include full support for MathML 2.0. Both presentation and content tags are supported. You can import, evaluate, and export MathML functions using either copying and pasting, menu commands, or specialized package functions.

To copy mathematical output as MathML, follow these steps:

  1. Select the expression you wish to convert into MathML in the Maple worksheet.
  2. Right-click with the mouse. This brings up a contextual menu of the type shown in the following figure.
  3. From the menu choose Conversions → MathML.

Maple: contextual menu for converting output into MathML

Figure: The contextual menu for converting output into MathML.

A MathML version of the selected expression is returned as an output string. You can then copy the MathML expression from the output and paste it into another application.

You can also copy MathML equations from another application and paste them into Maple in the form of a valid Maple expression. When you attempt to paste a MathML expression into a worksheet, you will get a dialog that asks if you wish to interpret the expression or paste it literally (see the following figure). If you click Yes, the corresponding Maple expression will be pasted into the worksheet.

Maple: dialog when pasting MathML expression into worksheet

Figure: The dialog that appears when you paste a MathML expression into a worksheet.


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