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(Excerpt from "The MathML Handbook" by Pavi Sandhu)

Another approach for translating MathML equations into LaTeX is to use a custom program written in a low-level language such as Java. Under Converting individual formulas: The ORCCA converter, we discussed the online TeX to MathML converter created by Stephen Watt's group at ORCCA. This uses a map file containing templates that define the correspondence between specific TeX constructs and their MathML counterparts. A Java program is then used to apply the templates in the map file to any arbitrary LaTeX equation and produce MathML as output.

The ORCCA group has also created a converter that uses the same methodology for doing the reverse transformation. This too uses a map file but this time for translating presentation MathML into LaTeX. An online demo of this converter is available under MathML to TeX Online Translator. You can type in any arbitrary presentation MathML as input in a text area and then click a button to view the LaTeX output (see the following figure) in the same Web page. The demo page also gives you the option of uploading a MathML file from your computer and receiving the LaTeX output in a separate file.

Converting presentation MathML into LaTeX with the ORCCA online converter

Figure: Converting presentation MathML into LaTeX using the online converter at ORCCA. © 2002 Stephen Watt and ORCCA. All rights reserved.


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