Converting complete documents

(Excerpt from "The MathML Handbook" by Pavi Sandhu)

The tools discussed so far make it easy to convert into MathML individual formulas in TeX or LaTeX syntax. You can use any of these tools to convert an entire TeX paper into an HTML document that contains MathML equations. However, the conversion involves several steps, each of which must be handled differently. First, you must convert the text in the TeX document into HTML using one of the other tools available for this purpose, such as LaTeX2HTML. Then, you must translate each equation into MathML individually and paste the equations at the appropriate place in the HTML document. Following all the steps in the process can be laborious and time-consuming, especially for large and complex documents. A much simpler and faster option is to use a tool that can translate a complete TeX or LaTeX document into HTML and MathML in one go. The two most prominent tools of this type are TeX4ht and TtM.

We specifically omit discussion of LaTeX2HTML, a popular program for converting LaTeX documents to HTML. This is because there is currently no ready-made solution for customizing LaTeX2HTML, so it converts mathematical formulas into MathML instead of images. A trial project for doing this was initiated by Russ Moore in 1998. He developed a prototype method for generating MathML output from LaTeX2HTML, by using Perl subroutines. However, this project is no longer under active development. Hence, most users who want to convert LaTeX documents into HTML+MathML will find it much easier to use TeX4ht or TtM instead.



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