XSLT and XPath function reference

(Excerpt from “XSLT 2.0 & XPath 2.0” by Frank Bongers, chapter 5, translated from German)

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Category: String functions - analysis and manipulation

fn:compare() XPath 2.0test of two strings for equality
fn:concat() XPath 1.0string addition
fn:contains()XPath 1.0 test for substrings in the test string
fn:encode-for-uri() XPath 2.0returns the encoded form of a string to be used as URI string
fn:ends-with() XPath 2.0test for substring at the end of the string
fn:escape-html-uri() XPath 2.0escaping the URI string
fn:lower-case()XPath 2.0 conversion into lower case letters
fn:normalize-space()XPath 1.0 normalisation of whitespace
fn:normalize-unicode() XPath 2.0returns the Unicode normal form
regex-group() XSLT 2.0substrings of the RegEx matches of an analysed string
fn:starts-with()XPath 1.0 test for substring at the beginning of the string
fn:string-join() XPath 2.0joining strings with the separator passed on
fn:string-length() XPath 1.0character number in the test string
fn:substring()XPath 1.0 extraction of a substring
fn:substring-after()XPath 1.0 substring after the separator
fn:substring-before() XPath 1.0substring before the separator
fn:translate() XPath 1.0string replacement by a pattern
fn:upper-case()XPath 2.0 conversion into upper case letters


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