The assistant of antillesXML

Here you can see how to use the Wizard of antillesXML:

The Wizard can be used alternatively to the menu bar and shows additional information on the selected feature.

Calling up the antillesXML Wizard window

When starting antillesXML, the Wizard is already opened by default.

 If you have already called up features of antillesXML, call the Wizard up again as follows:

Select the Wizard  entry in the Windows menu.

→ The antillesXML Wizard window appears.

The opened window of the antillesXML Wizard

Choosing the feature

Choosing the main heading

Choose the required main heading in the left selection list of the Wizard.

Choosing the main heading within the Wizard

Choosing the subheading

Choose the required feature in the right selection list of the Wizard.

Choosing the subheading within the antillesXML Wizard

→ Under the selection lists additional information on the selected feature is displayed.

displayed additional information under the selection lists

Press the ok buttonbutton.

→ The desired feature is called up.