data2check: the free online service

Since February 2017, the free online service data2check is available under and was already successfully introduced at the Markupforum 2016 and the XML Prague 2017 conference.

With the help of this tool, Word, InDesign and EPUB files can be checked for correctness. Word documents are checked for compliance with the styles used (paragraph and character styles). Furthermore, a document can be examined for Word-specific components making further processing much more difficult (e.g. text boxes, pictures, charts, etc.). InDesign documents can be checked for created paragraph and character styles but also for constructs making the export from InDesign to the EPUB format impossible.

After completion of a check, any errors found can be tracked with the help of comments in the output document. In addition, the uploaded data is stored as XML files in a database where they are available at any time.

Due to these features, data2check is a useful and time-saving tool not only for employees of publishing companies or technical writers, but also for authors in order to control the quality of their documents.

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